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The unnaturally GPS-like sense of direction, even in strange locales, possessed by one of your friends with the nickname of "Gee" (you know you got one).
"Trust the GeePS, dude! We'll get there, take a right!"

"Are you sure?"
"How sure?"
"Umm, Well i'm using fuckin' GeePS"
"Ok, sweet"
by Moopers April 01, 2008
A geek who's a little creepy
- Julie (Eyeing an arrogant, world-champion chess master): What a geep.
- Natalie: What's a geep?
- Julie:'s a geek who's a little creepy
by WickEd101 August 05, 2008
The railfan term for Electro-Motive Division's "General Purpose" or "GP" series of four-axled road switchers.
The GP7 was the first model of "Geep" to be offered by EMD in 1949.
by MLW RS18 March 24, 2013
(n.) a hybrid animal mixing a male goat and a female sheep. The fusion of two unpredictable, dangerous animals leave us with a patchy-haired weapon of mass destruction whose bray sounds like such: o o o o o o o o a a a a a a a a a
Holy shit! Run away that geep is about to fuck us up homie!
by yoshmonster December 07, 2010
To fornicate; To engage in sexual activities; To have sex
1. Aww man i need to Geep.
2. I just Geeped that guy!
3. I just caught them Geeping in my car!!
by BekkieRoxx September 16, 2008
Someone who wears very tacky clothing, usually an older person. They MUST have big, old white shoes, usually with clashing pants/sweats.
Mrs. Smith is the queen of geeps. She is wearing a bulky green sweater, black dress pants, and huge white Sketchers. What a geep!
by Phyllis255 August 14, 2010
The state of having dirty, greasy hair. Evolved from the abbreviation "GP" which is short for "greasepit." Covert way to tell somebody they look like an oil slick.
Hey, sis, you are totally geeped today. Go and take a shower!
by stephanie d. September 07, 2004
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