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old skool anti-semite
You kike!
What did you call me?
Jesus killer!
No need to get all Mel Gibson on me, shit.
by moogie March 01, 2004
(N.)Mutation of the word coupon. Goes along with the stereotype that jewish persons are cheap or will go to great lengths to save money.
Which brand of detergent do you have that jewpon for? I want to save 75 cents so I can get a candy bar.
by moogie January 02, 2005
White High School and College Preps/Jocks who are always wearing baseball caps. Often found in groups of four riding around in jeeps.
That sausage party was just a bunch of frat boy cappers.
by moogie January 02, 2005
Slang for 'reboot'. See also boost. To restart your personal computer or other device.
Man I hate these upgrades, they always want me to reboost at the end.
by moogie January 02, 2005
(N.) White kids who act like they are black gangster rappers. Less offense form of wigger.

Comes from the common greeting often used 'Yo Gee'.
I am never going back to that arcade, since its overrun with yogees playing ddr.
by moogie January 02, 2005
(N.) Short for 'Nederlander' or what Dutch people call themselves.
Let me see if neder nick is awake yet. He's supposed to take a 7 am train from Eindhoven to Schipol.
by moogie January 02, 2005
A cock sucker.
"Frozen is such a cock sucker"
by Moogie June 02, 2004

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