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A term used to describe damage to clothing during sport.
The fullback suffered a textile break during the first half of the match and was forced to leave the field.
by MonteZuma August 04, 2004
An enthusiast and volunteer participating in one or more large public distributed computing projects (eg SETI@home).
"The stats show that DataMuncher501 is no longer an active cruncher"
by MonteZuma September 16, 2006
A Development Application (Australia). A DA is a request for permission to carry out proposed development.
Read the DA checklist before you lodge
your DA!
by MonteZuma July 20, 2004
A jockey. (Australia)
With top Sydney hoop Corey Brown on his back, Warrior Trader showed great fighting abilities as he staved off the challenge of Michael Rodd’s mount Deuxieme, while Osca Warrior was a close up third.
by MonteZuma April 07, 2004
The Tasman Sea. The body of water separating Australia and New Zealand.
Roger moved across the Ditch and now spends his days sunbaking at Bondi.
by MonteZuma June 23, 2005
In the online game Subspace (aka Continuum): A repel.
I was under attack and fired off all my repels.
by MonteZuma August 26, 2004
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