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(Adjective) A word which is commonly used to describe just how unconventional, or unorthodox one's actions are. Usually used to describe a person when he or she acts in a way that is reprehensible.

(Verb) commonly used as "whacking" with no related sexual pun.
1) Dating someone in your family tree (more commonly dating within an ex's family tree)
2) Hitting $250,000 on a scratch off
3) Not knowing how to take naps
4) Having an unusual obsession with exploitation
5) Knowing how to solve a Rubik's cube
6) Arriving to a slumber party 2 hours and 44 minutes late.

Also see: Weird, Unusual
Honduran: "Hey wait isn't that guy your ex-boyfriend's cousin? And you're trying to get with him?... Isn't that kinda.."

Chainsaw: "Whack?"

Boss: "Yeah what the f*ck are you thinking hood? That's like a superhero-whack."

Honduran: "Go take a nap Boss."

Mr. G: "Well, I just hit big on a scratch off, does anyone want wings?"

Girl: "Hey what'd I miss? Sorry I'm late I was doing arbitrary things that give me no excuse to be late."
by MontagePrag December 06, 2009

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