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4 definitions by Mongo Nucleosis

A system used between friends which simply allows someone who brought his/her own beer to a party, but has innocently consumed more than said person's normal maximum limit, to dip into his/her friends stash in order to keep the party rolling.

As with any such plan, there are rules:
1) Do not exercise the overdraught option if you showed up disturbingly understocked.
2) Overdraughting begins with the worst offered beer, then graduates upward based on the stock remaining and tolerance of the original suppliers.
3) Do not make this mistake again with the same amount of beer or you will obtain Mooch status and overdraught protection will be revoked for 1 calendar year.
"Hey Jorte, I notice that you are digging through the fridge for your 8th Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA, yet I see you only brought a 6 pack of Natural Light. WTF? Your breaking rules 1 and 2 of the OverDraught Protection plan brother!! "
by Mongo Nucleosis August 06, 2012
A new and trendy way to shave her pussy. Shaved bald up the middle and leave a mess on the edges.
Stephanie Abraham's at The Weather Center loves storm chasing so much that she gets a Tornado Cut in the van while they chase the funnel.
by Mongo Nucleosis December 06, 2011
A bloody booger. A combination of dirt, dust, toxicants and pollutants which have attached to the inner wall of the nasal passage for so long that when plucked from the nose it comes out soaked in blood.
Dude - did you see the size of that blooger he stuck to the bottom of the conference room table?
by Mongo Nucleosis August 04, 2008
A flicked booger which can not be verified to have landed safely anywhere besides on ones body. It simply vanishes into thin air like Houdini causing the flicker to question whether it is now on his or her person.
Hey man - Remember when you said on the phone that you flicked a boogini in Richy's office? Well, that sucker is on your eyebrow!
by Mongo Nucleosis November 04, 2009