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the queen of england's favorite dog. Pembroke or Cardigan all corgis are the most cute, babe magnets, and most of all they are man's best friend. commonly they look like a fox, although my corgi is similar to the size and shape of a jimmy dead sausage
i was sick and my corgi made me soup and nursed me back to health.
by Momper August 11, 2006
made famous by rappers, the most popular release by Shawnna. "gettin some" refers to recieving oral sex. The song makes for a good club song, in some cases can make women's clothes fall off faster than tequila
"I was gettin some head, gettin gettin some head. I was gettin some head, gettin gettin some head"
by Momper August 11, 2006
on the west side, you have rich high schools kids and parents with good jobs downtown, most of the rich kids like to go "clubbing" in "clubs" on the west side, otherwise they just drive around in thier jettas and mazdas that thier parents bought and they put window tint and walmart subs in. they are generally so bored that they sit around and call everyone they know trying to figure what to do.
south side: straight up gangsta. mostly made of black people, in low-income housing, and sometimes the occasional wigger that moves there to have fun i guess
east side: eh, no one goes to the east side, strange place
north side: eh, no one goes to the east side, strange place

west des moiner: "hey man, lets go chill downtown and catch some bitches, cuz the bitchez in west des moines are too uptight and bitchy to go out wit us. lets roll in yo jetta dog, blast the subs."
South sider: "shit nigga, that fucker was all up in the heezy and i shot his ass... da fuckin cops showzed up and i fauckin shot doz bitchez too."
by Momper August 11, 2006

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