17 definitions by Mojo Mojowitz

Anyone who has just a regular job (as opposed to doing their dream).
"Yo, don't get so upset...you're dealing with a jobonie."
by Mojo Mojowitz September 16, 2005
a large building of an industrial nature where most of it labor workers get "f*ct."
John's brother really got "f*ct"...he went from Wall Street Banker to Factory Worker.
by MoJo Mojowitz August 04, 2005
Pharmacist in charge of the prophylactic and communicable disease section.
I'm going to Club Med...I better stop by and see the safety police.
by Mojo Mojowitz September 30, 2005
Response when the price is not right (too low).
"Blow you for free?" said the laugh whore, "I don't think so!!!"
by Mojo Mojowitz September 13, 2005
being heterosexual in West Hollywood.
"He seems to be a nice enough guy, but I think he has a hollywood hangup."
by MoJo Mojowitz December 07, 2005
A pizza afficianado's term, being an acronym for
"Sure Beats DiGiornio" used when Delivery Pizza
beats the in-the-box supermarket variety.
That Delivery Pizza SBD !!!!!!
by Mojo Mojowitz October 03, 2005
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