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like when, you find some dirty ho bag, and your like hey there hot stuff why dont you come over here and shit in my mouth.
hey guys, wendy shit in my mouth last night. You guys are so jealous
by MoistTowelette11 June 30, 2006
A group of underground prank callers, who have a show on pcu
When I listen to monkeyphone I have NAM flashbacks!
by MoistTowelette11 March 25, 2006
A vagina,cunt, cooter, snatch, bush, and/ or female genitalia (considered crude)
I'd love to fill that ho's cum bucket
by MoistTowelette11 March 25, 2006
short for totally, note that not all people can say this word, only the coolest people
Want to go to the mall later?
by MoistTowelette11 March 25, 2006
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