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Manx slang for the word prick
want to fight like, you plick?
by Moi September 01, 2003
A person who uses witchcraft as an attention-seeking device. Often can be seen with Ouija board in tow. Usually can be described as a wannabe Goth also.
"Satan is my sugar daddy. What? Rede? I've never heard of any Rede..." said Jill.

*Aha! A dabbler!* thought Jack.
by moi March 14, 2004
offensive name for skinny homosexuals
That tigerclaw is a twat!
by Moi September 17, 2003
A mix between Romanian, Japanese, Spanish, and English.
Spoken in the country of... Rojaspangland.
by moi April 03, 2005
Snap is a word used to recognize something very good and positive. Not tothe full potential as tang, this word can explain a good emotion.
That concert was just snap!
by Moi January 19, 2005
one step above eat shit and die.
"Yo Hitler, eat shit and die! Hey Dude who stole my newspaper: eat shit and live, you bastard!"
by moi April 09, 2004
A poorly made message board system coded in PHP. Known for being notoriously filled with security holes and inefficient coding.
XMB is so bad it makes ezBoard look like a million dollars.
by moi August 24, 2003

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