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Big Cheeks
The man cried, "your right, i have utshob's," as he bounced down the hill.
by moi June 04, 2003
A smart and sassy somali female who is sophisticated and wealthy.
A real independant lady who is sweet beautiful and talented
Wow now thats wat i call a real Hodeen.
by Moi May 02, 2003
Obnoxious party-invite acronyms, as in No Ugly Men, Please/No Ugly Women, Thanks.
Hope you can make it tomorrow night. Remember, NUMP/NUWT.
by moi October 15, 2003
A comination of sweet and snap. This word has the same defintions but is just another word to add to your vocabulary to make it more interesting and colorful.
Holy crap, that CD was friggin sneet!
by Moi January 19, 2005
That Place nerds onLy see as pheotus..its' also the Location I Lo0ove 2 PLant my demon seeds.
Chix Orgasms Generates from down there...Love those Liquids when they grease up my BaLLs.
by Moi December 01, 2004
Someone who is an alternative wannabee or a 'grunger' wannabee. Buys their 'grunge' clothing from places such as tammy, and wears fake plastic chains around their waists. Listens to music which they think is 'hardcore rock' but which is actually manufactured, popular trash. Wears their clothes to look cool and fit in. Is a fake person who follows the crowds.
Havent got an example off the top of my head....
by Moi July 19, 2004
Self-Centered Urban Male.
So what kind of guy did he turn out to be? Scum?
by moi October 15, 2003

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