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A school for all the kids who weren't good enough to get into Moses Brown. They wear stupid clothes, throw stupid parties, and are, in general, just stupid. They are known by the larger community as "skanks" and "hoes." The girls have a reputation of being "slutty" and the guys have a reputation of being "gay." There are very few exceptions to this definition.
"Hey, why is that girl making out with that gay guy on Thayer?"
"Oh don't worry. They go to the Wheeler School."
by Moi June 16, 2006
one who cheats in tfc
horus is a fucking hax0r
by moi April 29, 2003
awesome anglican boarding school north east of toronto
kid - I wish I had an extra 30 000 lying around so i could go to trinity
by Moi April 23, 2004
twos plus ones
we had some threes the other night, was fun!
by Moi June 19, 2003
Any event with 5 plus people that involves Nikki. An event that doesn't involve Nikki, would definitely not be a party.
Max thinks that he's attending a party, but Nikki isn't there, so he's not actually at a party.
by Moi November 12, 2004
Booobz (booobz),Lactation Station (Hooterz),Got MiLk (Breast feed Me),SnowbaLLs (Hooetrz 2die4)
Love them Honkerz and wouLd do anything to breast feed for 17 years.
by Moi December 01, 2004
it is compound of the words slutty-nerd
you are such a slurd
by moi December 10, 2004
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