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when somebody is very lonely and in need of pleasure so they buy a sex robot and it is always ready for anything.
Joe: Damn my girlfriend is out of town and I really want to have sex.. What do I do?
Tony: Buy a sex robot its not cheating.
by Homie123456789 April 09, 2009
"Sex robot" is the formal commercial or industrial term for a sexbot (also called fuckbot or suckbot), just as "sex worker" is the formal term for hookers, strippers, porn queens, and ho's.
Damn. The IRS wants me to list my sex robots as sex workers so they can charge me wage taxes. Damn.
by dsimms January 09, 2009
He'll pay you real good. Sex robot like you never should.
That sex robot paid me real good with robot sex.
by Eiffel Tower February 06, 2006
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