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A way of saying absolutely not. With underlying tones of "Are you serious", and a slight to major disgust.
"Hey did you pitch in for that keg?"
by Moe Fizz April 16, 2009
Internet short hand for “have to poop”
“Holly crap! I’m prairie doggin,I HTP”
by Moe Fizz May 08, 2006
A nickname for male genetalia
"Dude that bitch was totally just grinding up on my rug monkey."
by Moe FIzz June 09, 2008
Flirting with some one over facebook chat. Like sexting only a far less personal version where knowing the person isn't even necessary. Could be done frequently with one or multiple partners. Very common among males who met the girl the night before and didn't pull a number and instead resort to this virtual form of "spitting game."
"I've been facefucking this girl for like two weeks, we're finally going to the same party tonight hopefully I'll get lucky"

"Amber has been facefucking me all semester and still has no idea I'm not down.
by Moe Fizz October 17, 2010
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