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2 definitions by MissGeorge

The opposite of a cougar. So a younger girl who is into older guys.
"Wow, that guy is HOT!!" - 18 year old girl.
"What?! That guy is like 50!!" - 18 year old girl's friend.
"I know I love older guys. I'm a total gerbil" - 18 year old girl.
by MissGeorge June 11, 2009
The word you use when something is SO awsome there no words you could think of that would do it justice.
"WOWWIE. That is... it is simply... well" -person 1
"VOX" -person 2
"Yes, yes. It is so splendid that it is indeed...VOX" -person 1
by MissGeorge June 18, 2009