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1. A personality trait in which a person adapts there whole being, philosophy, and self into a new image whenever something new catches their attention.

2. Identity issues. When a person is having an identity crisis, and will change themselves to fit in with who they think they want to be.

3. When a person is not consistent with who they are, what they like, or where they want to go.

Rob suffers from the Chameleon Complex, last month he wanted to start a band, two months ago he was training to be a chef, and now he is taking swimming lessons so he can try out for the next Summer Olympics.

by Min-D-Moo March 05, 2009
- adjective

1. the state in which a baby's physical and mental faculties are impaired by an excess of breast milk. This occurs right after a baby breastfeeds.

2. state of being after a really huge meal.

Baby Charlie was so milk-drunk, he couldn't keep his eye's open but he had this huge smile that wouldn't go away.

by Min-D-Moo March 05, 2009
When the urge to go #2 gets so severe that it is on the verge of coming out in your pants, that it makes you rush to the toilet and all of the poo is out within 2.4 seconds.

Man, I had the flying poos so bad I actually had to use a port-a-potty at a random construction site.

"Oh, gotta go" . . . 2.4 seconds later . . . "wow, much better, just a case of the flying poos!"
by Min-D-Moo March 05, 2009
An exclamation that is more kid friendly and used to replace the more vulgar slang terms when something does not go the way it was planned.
A jar of pickles falls on your toe, "turd sandwiches that hurt!!!!"

by Min-D-Moo March 05, 2009
The painful cramping during the menstrual cycle.
I can't go out tonight I've got the quivering uterus, it sucks!

by Min-D-Moo March 05, 2009
A term used define the region of the female genitalia.
Those tight pants made her hunkle stick out.

She hunkle kicked her, during the cat fight.
by Min-D-Moo March 05, 2009

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