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A person who beats mimes with any number of items in order to prevent harassment and pain brought on by the mimes attempt at extorting money from them. The most common weapon used when bashing a mime is large loafs of meat or bread.
The cops stared at the beaten mime and relized that he had met up with a Mimebasher.
by Mimebasher June 24, 2009
The act of stealing something prior to knowing you will need it.
The preemptive aquireazation of the lawn mower came in handy when the grass got to high.
by Mimebasher July 15, 2009
When a person utilizes Spam luncheon meat as a weapon to kill another person.
The detective was able to determine that the mime was a victim of Spamicide.
by Mimebasher September 02, 2009
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