18 definitions by Milt Alwin

A scurrying about toward a purpose.
One knows the rule and one knows the drill. Anyway, that was one small detail that didn't make it in my dance through all of this.
by Milt Alwin March 08, 2009
An interjection to a slip in catching on to a change or new stance, resulting in acting on according to the discontinued way.
Well, I brought in an analog TV instead of a digital one. Oops. We're not in Kansas anymore. My bad!
by Milt Alwin February 21, 2009
Not a no-brainer.
His video timer is such a brainer that he is leaving it flashing at 12:00 AM.
by Milt Alwin March 19, 2009
In recorded music, the attribute of one song sounding like another because of similar beat, melody, singing voice(s), etc.
"Spanish Dancer" by Stevie Winwood is "Empty Pages" by Traffic sideways.
by Milt Alwin September 22, 2009

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