18 definitions by Milt Alwin

The back-at-cha laugh.
And so, hit-hit, guess our smackdowned little man is gonna have to find some other bag to make a livelihood from. Domineering or what. His baby, not mine!
by Milt Alwin October 31, 2011
What your machine or gadget does when it breaks down and quits on you.
Well, the transmission's shot, or the head is blown, or it wouldn't start this morning. My car wins! And I lose in this old time-money-inconvenience round. That temperamental, or worse, heap of lemon! You win if you nip the sucker in the bud with a minimum of drama.
by Milt Alwin February 13, 2011
Analog TV is Columbus and Washington. Digital is now the way to go.
by Milt Alwin June 30, 2009
1. Movie deemed too highfalutin, sophisticated or stuffy to be the right fit in drive-in theaters.
2. Wimpy cigarette lighter that won't fire in even the slightest hurricane.
I have to flick my indoor bullstuff illegally in the doorway before I can take my smoke outside.
by Milt Alwin April 23, 2009
1. The NFL Monday Night Football.
2. Playing quarterback in or watching Monday Night Football.
Monday night quarterbacking is the great American tradition since 1970.
by Milt Alwin February 25, 2009
Opposite of "ain't".
Dick, is "ain't" in the dictionary?

Yes, Jane, it ai.
by Milt Alwin May 09, 2009
The good human attributes that contribute to success.
With his overall excellent physical and mental facilities, health and financial savvy, he has the shits to acquire and maintain his independent, mortgage-free, rent-free, leisurely and sporting life, even with a wife and several children. I'm not so endowed.
by Milt Alwin December 10, 2008
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