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5 definitions by Miller Time

An extremely shitty place where you are detained by teachers and other authoritive figures.
"I always come prepared for study hall: giant rubber band, lots of ammo."
by Miller Time April 04, 2005
63 26
a person who smells everything they find, in search of the perfect sickining smell
That dude should be known as the Gourpion King, because only a true gourp would sniff the dogg's ass.
by Miller Time May 07, 2003
8 3
To have your wang (penis) mouthified.
I engaged in wangification with her cranium.
by Miller Time April 23, 2004
2 1
It's a shot where a bartender faces the liquor bottles and closes their eyes. They grab two random bottles and poor them into a shot.
I'm so drunk right now, I don't care what I have. Oh bar keep, get me a Helen Keller.
by Miller Time September 12, 2006
22 57
someone who handles a small package
His chick will be nothing short of a schween to him as long as they're together.
by Miller Time May 07, 2003
2 42