3 definitions by Mikline

The closest thing to a pro football team Los Angeles has.
Lame. LA doesnt have a pro team. WTF!!

Meh. USC football is pretty good. They could probably beat the Raiders.
by Mikline July 10, 2008
A city with a bunch of punk-ass sports teams.
Boston Celtics

Boston Red Sox

New England Patriots

Boston College

Boston Bruins
by Mikline June 18, 2008
A great player for the Lakers who cant win without Shaq.
Person 1: Dude Kobe is the bomb, he won MVP and he's gonna be on the olympic team.

Person 2: Yeah. Too bad he got his ass handed to him by Paul Peirce in the finals. Fuck, if only they still had the big man.
by Mikline June 18, 2008

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