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lovedom n love + suffix dom; cf. kingdom, stardom Ð the world of love, the totality of loving emotions and attitudes.

Edward VIII was that rare romantic who challenged society by trading his kingdom for lovedom.

Your heart is large enough to love many, but in all your lovedom, can you find a small corner for me?
by Mikhail Epstein November 06, 2003
slavior (to (en)slave + suffix ior, like in savior) Ð the prince of this world, the one who imitates the Savior and promises to save people but makes them slaves.

Outwardly the distinction between Savior and Slavior may be as subtle as one letter difference in their names.

For many old-believers, the Slavior is already here, in our very midst, and they refuse to serve this self-appointed sovereign.
by Mikhail Epstein November 02, 2003
reLIcious adj relic + religious Ð religiously devoted to relics, to the preservation of the past.

Nothing in contemporary life carries meaning for him. He is a deeply relicious person, not simply nostalgic.

Some people think that Eastern Orthodox spirituality is more relicious than truly religious.
by Mikhail Epstein November 02, 2003
expanded egoism that is focused on alter ego, a significant other for whom you care as much or even more than for yourself.
Chekhov's Darling is a perfect example of alter–egoism: she gives herself up to her loved ones and lives solely by their interests and feelings. This is her way to cherish her own ego.

Alter–egoism is different from altruism. Altruism is indiscriminate selfless concern for the well-being of others, whereas alter–egoism is very selective: it is directed on alter–egos, i.e. the chosen ones, and thus retains certain qualities of egoism.
by Mikhail Epstein November 03, 2012
produced by natural human intelligence rather than by intelligent machines, robotic minds, software programs etc.
In the future age of artificial intelligence, headmade things will be valued as high as handmade objects in the industrial age of mass production.
by Mikhail Epstein March 24, 2011
from globe + lobotomy: violent dissection of the globe,
aggressive solutions to the existing world problems.
Kosovo's independence may lead to globotomy with staggering consequences of tearing the world apart.
by Mikhail Epstein February 22, 2008
philonym n (Gr. philia, love + Gr. onuma, name; cf. synonym, pseudonym) Ð gentle name used by lovers and spouses to address each other.

Examples: honey, sweety, baby, my darling, my love, my
All philonyms are so trite and trivial. "Honey, sweetyÉ" How can love be expressed in such a routine way? I will call you
"my happicle."
by Mikhail Epstein December 31, 2003

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