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95 definitions by Mikhail Epstein

egonetics, n. (ego+net+ics)

weaving a network of self-references, increasing one's presence on the interne.

Egonetics is different from "ego surfing" - a search of your name on the internet (using search engines). Egonetics is an active electronic dispersal of your name, making links to your homepage, using various interactive sites and open forums. It can be done for the sake of an idea or a commercial promotion, but in the absence of ideological or professional motifs, this is a clear case of egonetics.
I am afraid that my colleague uses her office hours for egonetics.

He is not an egoist in the classical sense, he is simply an egonetic.
by Mikhail Epstein November 16, 2003
ghostalgia n. (ghost + Gr. algos, pain, grief, distress; cf. nostalgia) Ð a mystical longing or wistful affection for ghosts, angels, miracles, aliens, and other otherworldy characters and mysterious phenomena.
Ghostalgia is a form of nostalgia in that we experience the other world as our genuine lost home.

I am agnostic, but sometimes I feel ghostalgic.

On the eve of deep historical crises, ghostalgia can grip the souls of entire nations.
by Mikhail Epstein November 15, 2003
chronopath n. (Gr. khronos, time + Gr. patheia, suffering) Ð a person who suffers from chronopathy, i.e. a disorder of time sense.

chronopathic adj Ð characterized by chronopathy.
Why are you always late? Are you a chronopath?

He has no ill intentions or disrespect when he misses one appointment after another. He is severely chronopathic since his childhood.
by Mikhail Epstein November 13, 2003
equiphilia n (Greek aequi, equal + philia, love) - equal love to many persons or things.

It is difficult for Mary to make up her mind. Not that she is indifferent to her admirers but she is now at the point of equiphilia.

Sometimes equiphilia is dangerously close to indifference. Equal love to many means no love at all.
by Mikhail Epstein November 06, 2003

infinition (definition + infinitity) Ð an infinite process of defining something that cannot be fully or precisely defined; an endless list of possible definitions.
Certain fluid concepts in their emergent state are subject to in-finition--infinite dispersal of their meaning--rather than to definition. To infine is to suggest the infinity of possible definitions of a certain term or concept and therefore to problematize its meaning and the possibility or the benefit of defining it. If definition circumscribes a specific conceptual area, then infinition releases the concept from restricting demarcations and places it in an indeterminate zone.
by Mikhail Epstein November 06, 2003

domestican n Latin domesticus, belonging to the household, from domus, house - someone who preaches the values of domestic life, worships the deities of hearth and home.

He is a sort of a monk, though his monastery is his own house. In a word, he is a domestican.

A typical domestican hates public spaces. Hu prefers hus kitchen and living room to all attractions in the world.
by Mikhail Epstein November 06, 2003
Paleonoic era adj Greek palaios, ancient + Greek noos, mind; cf. Paleozoic era, from Greek zoe, life Ð the current epoch of ancient mind, of the first intelligent machines; the era that in the history of consciousness takes place similar to that of Paleozoic era in the history of life.

Looking at ourselves from the perspective of a distant future, we appear to be people of Paleonoic era when the first non-biological forms of mind were just emerging, when the forces of thinking just got released from the prison of cranium in creating computers and other increasingly more self-organising forms of artificial intelligence.
by Mikhail Epstein November 06, 2003