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A group of queers who are in between gay and strait.
"Oh,me and Fanny are right poofs. Atleast I hope we are."
by Mikethegreat scouser November 18, 2006
v.t.r & refl. To humiliate or degrade someone.based on the late Latin word "bassus"
He began to abase the man behind his back.
by Mikethegreat scouser December 21, 2006
Mispelling of fuck, often put in speed chatrooms.
"Go fiuck yourself!"
by Mikethegreat scouser November 18, 2006
To perform this sexual act you must:
Tie the person up on a bunge cord,
fuck them while bouncing.
"I heard of this new fun thing, It's called lassisto, please do it with me."
by Mikethegreat scouser November 18, 2006
The latin word glutimus maximus means your arse.
" I have a real pain in my glutimus maximus!"
by Mikethegreat scouser November 18, 2006
An extremely fat or overweiht person, his/ her fat must jiggle when walking for them to be counted.
"Ha, you stupid fat bara, you have no friends as you are fat!"
Or infrontt of a name say james would be barajames and such.
by Mikethegreat scouser November 13, 2006

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