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ENTHEOGEN nov. verb.:

'God within us', those plant substances that, when ingested, give one a divine experience, in the past commonly called 'hallucinogens', 'psychedelics', 'psychotomimetics', etc etc, to each of which serious objections can be made. A group headed by the Greek scholar Carl A.P. Ruck advances 'entheogen' as fully filling the need, notably catching the rich cultural resonances evoked by the substances, many of them fungal, over vast areas of the world in proto- and prehistory. See Journal of Psychedelic Drugs Vol 11.1-2, 1979, pp 145-6. We favor the adoption of this word. Early Man, throughout much of Eurasia and the Americas, discovered the properties of these substances and regarded them with profound respect and even awe, hedging them about with bonds of secrecy. We are now rediscovering the secret and we should treat the 'entheogens' with the respect to which they were richly entitled. As we undertake to explore their role in the early history of religions, we should call them by a name unvulgarized by hippy abuse."
Side note - an example is pretty obsolete, as the only people that actually use the word in every day conversation are wankers;)but if you have too, its pretty interchangable with hallucinogen or psychedelic (within the terms of the definition above
by Mikee March 27, 2004
University of Auckland Meat Club.... death to the Vegans
I'm gonna get drunk at the Meat Club and hit on first years
by MikeE August 10, 2004
malagkit na tubig galing sa ilong!
minsan kulay puti!
minsan nama'y kulay dilaw!

(in English)
it is salty!
ang sipon ni marlon ay maalat!
the sipon of marlon is yellow!
by mikee April 19, 2004
a great geek who likes to be geeky...
a tall being, who likes to eat five times a day, loves ice cream... would die for.
Dude, you are such a joono!
by mikee June 24, 2003
exaggerated, flamboyant
For the drag act we'll need a completly camp stage set, with purple velvet cutains and glitter.
by mikee June 15, 2003
Teenage masturbator.
'What was he doing?'
'Damn Boxhead'
by Mikee April 12, 2005
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