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4 definitions by MikeRITE

The opposite of weakling.

A strong and resilient person despite their appearance and attitude.
M: All you did was a day of decorating - you're such a weakling!
D: Actually I painted seven doors, skirting, all the wood, the floor and the wall. I AM TOUGHLING

M: He is so small and weak, look at him.
J: Actually he is a black belt karate champ
M: Wow, what a toughling.
by MikeRITE April 05, 2013
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the sticky gooey seepage from a banana
I got banunk all over my hands when I picked up a bunch.
by MikeRITE June 21, 2012
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when you are hot, sweaty and angry due to weather work and walking
I was bare soistit after banking de dollarz
by MikeRITE June 21, 2012
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The female salivation that occurs after speaking to a sexy male.
Michael: Oh my days you should have seen the woo juice streaming down her face
Shivani: Well you be a smooth talker bro

Helena: I'm drenched with woo juice, after an evening with Frankie Dettori
Shivani: I was pretty wet too.
by MikeRITE April 11, 2013
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