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Gettin' hot and heavy past 3rd base with a girl.
After making out for half an hour on the couch and 3 previous failed attempts, Erick was surprised when she let him comb the rabbit.
by Mike Payne February 15, 2008
A really nasty looking purple vagina.
Jason was about to slide his last $1 bill into the stripper's ass crack, but when she turned around and revealed her gorilla lips he decided to ask her for change.
by Mike Payne May 23, 2008
A child produced through artificial insemination.
After days of his wife's pleading to have another child so McGruff would have someone to play with, Jason grabbed a 30-pack out of the fridge, picked up the keys to his tractor, and told his wife to go get a turkey baster baby.
by Mike Payne April 03, 2008
A synonym of grape smuggler for the better-endowed.
By the way Jason strutted across the beach, you could tell that he considered himself a cherry smuggler.
by Mike Payne March 03, 2008
Scratches and dents that appear on a car after driving through a wooded area without concern for wildlife.
While driving through the woods with a beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other, Jason felt a bump and hoped that his insurance covered deer dents.
by Mike Payne May 16, 2008
When a girl walks around with the zipper of her pants pulled down. This is the female equivalent of selling hotdogs.
Ania didn't know why Jason kept staring at her pants until she looked down and realized that she was marketing tacos.
by Mike Payne March 22, 2008
A man that has not showered in over three days.
After a weekend of moving fishtanks, hunting goats, and breaking deaf girls hearts, Jason turned into quite the tuna smuggler.
by Mike Payne March 11, 2008

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