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A slut who just got gang banged and had all 8 guys cum on her at the same time, therefore she walks around dripping cum until she cleans her nasty ass up.
Sarah is one nasty bitch. She had a line of guys coming out of her house the other day, and sometimes 8 at a time were going in. When they were done she walked outside to make sure she got them all, and she was soaked with cum from head to toe. The gay guy across the street then called her a cum dripping whore as he was getting head from the mailman.
#slut #skank #nasty bitch #cathy #loose whore
by Mike -Hunt January 02, 2008
When a pussy has been fucked and stretched out so much that after she is done, and you happen to be the last guy of possibly hundreds getting some of that, you crawl up inside of it and then go to sleep. That way you sleep all night and stay warm wrapped up in her droopy ass beef curtains. In extreme cases, one will be able to pitch a 2-3 man tent inside the pussy.
Our county fair only has one ride, and her name is Sally. This year I was the last one in line, and when I was done she let me hang out and sleep in her sleeping bag pussy. I never slept better, and never got cold all night, even with all the puddles of spooge surrounding me.
#slutbag #whore #skank #loose bitch #sarah #horse pussy
by Mike -Hunt January 13, 2008
A woman whose pussy has been pounded so much that fucking her would be like throwing a hot dog down a hallway.
I finally got to nail Cathy the other night. I never knew what a stretched out whore she was, cause her beef curtains were hanging down to the ground.
#slut #loosey goosey #whore #stuffed twat #droopy curtains
by Mike -Hunt December 30, 2007
A musty, moist, stank pussy badly in need of a few douches before ever getting fucked again.
Dude, so I was with Cathy the other night and I would've fucked her but she had such a moldy twat. I told her to douche with gasoline and a match so I could hit that.
#stank whore #cheesy taco #dark hole #smelly gash #twat rot
by Mike -Hunt December 30, 2007
On windy and even breezy days when a slutty woman's pussy lips can be heard flapping in the wind, giving you the impression there is a flag nearby.
Dude, do you see a flag anywhere around here? I can hear one, but I sure as hell can't see it. Oh wait, nevermind, your mom is wearing a miniskirt with no panties again. That is one flag flapping bitch!
#loose #whore #slut #stretched out whore #cathy
by Mike -Hunt January 10, 2008
A "surprise" pulled out of a diaper by the kid ( or adult) who is wearing it and either smudged on the wall or handed to the responsible adult on scene.
I was babysitting Stan's son last night, and while I was watching football that dumbass kid threw his diaperwad right at my face. So I threw one back at him.
#dingleberries #diarrhea #shit #poo #hershey squirts
by Mike -Hunt January 01, 2008
A pussy that is covered with cobwebs and dust because it sits dormant, usually on hella fugly bitches, or on fat wilderbeasts that have 8 or 9 fat rolls from their gut hanging over their pussy and have no chance of ever seeing daylight, or a dick.
That chick Megan is one fugly bitch. She's fat and ugly, and has one of the biggest fupas I have ever seen. Her stomach is tucked into her pants, her ass is 3 area codes over, and there's no way in hell she doesn't have a nasty dusty pussy.
#fupa #lardass #wilderbeast #water buffalo #hutzell-dixon
by Mike -Hunt January 12, 2008
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