103 definitions by Mike hunt

when people are smoki weed
yo dawg (hommie g ) do you want to blaze tonight wit some other home dawgs
by mike hunt June 22, 2003
the Bit Between the Bollocks and the Arse
i felt a rumbling and my brown sauce erupted out of my bronze eye and all across my BBBA!
by Mike Hunt April 11, 2003
the ancient art of fighting with leather belts or straps usualy with either a cow bell or a big rodeo style belt buckle until either of the fighters has been knocked unconcious
rodney and orlando got into a mexican belt fight orlando still has the letter R imbedded in his forehead from rodneys rodeo belt buckle
by mike hunt February 21, 2005
Word meaning nigger made when South Africa was taken over and ruled by whites.
My grandfather owned your's you fuckin cafer!
by Mike Hunt March 03, 2005
A sexual act of one girl and 5 guys where she takes it up the @$$, in the mouth, both hands, and in the baby escape path. Called such because its cheaper when 5 guys do it than 1 guy.
Did you hear? Sally gives 5 hole discounts.
by Mike Hunt May 06, 2005
arse bandit
oliver you're such a knobjockey
by mike hunt August 19, 2003
To thrust one's penis inside a vagina repeatedly.
Dseeamn, I'm gonna be hittin the skins with yo mama tonight.
by mike hunt February 11, 2003

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