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Reference to the dynasty of US presidents in which one family held power during the late 20th and early 21st century; includes George Bush, George W. Bush, and some say Jeb Bush; characterized by wars on Iraq and deep economic recessions.
History will long remember the Bush Dynasty as truamatic times in the lives of Americans.
by Miguel Angel June 29, 2005
1. another word for diarrhea
2. used to describe a condition in which after anal sex, a mixture of semen and feces drip out of the anus.
1. Because I ate at taco bell, I had a muddy waterfall last night.
2. The bed sheets got wet from the muddy waterfall.
by Miguel Angel November 08, 2005
slang for vibrater; used by girls to have orgasms
The only two ways girls have orgasms are through sex or a V-machine.
by Miguel Angel June 30, 2005
On some freeways (especially in California) H.O.T. stands for High Occupancy Toll; H.O.T. lanes are faster than normal lanes, but to use them a toll is required.
During rush hour, many commuters rather pay the $.50 toll to use the H.O.T.
by Miguel Angel July 12, 2005
Used to describe a completely random event and/or situation; can be used to break the awkard silence after such an event for a humorous effect.
Dude 1: "Hey check out all these hot chicks. Which one's hotter?"
Dude 2: "I like eggs."

***Akward moment of silence***

Dude 3: "That's more random than pandas and viagra."
by Miguel Angel February 17, 2007

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