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7 definitions by Midnitesun

really saggy balls
That dude's got some really nasty bo-jangles!!!!!
by Midnitesun November 07, 2003
When a guy is playing with his "stock." Most guys jack the bean stock when they can't get any. When a guys' hand is his best friend.
I have a few friends who jack the bean stock all the time cause they have nothing better to do and no one will give them any. Damn horny bastards...
by Midnitesun November 03, 2003
Where 2 or more people have butt sex. When they try odd ways of doing it or juss down right doing it.
Sally and Bob had some extremely kinky butt sex last night while watching X-files!!!!!
by Midnitesun November 07, 2003
The name you give someone who tries to do things right or in his favor but screws up horrible. You know, like Whiley Coyote.
Your such a fucking Whiley you selfish bastard!!!!
by Midnitesun November 07, 2003
Juss like a dick, the more you play with them, the harder they get.
God damn that thing is hard!!!!
by Midnitesun November 07, 2003
It's where all the "geeks" play lightning in my gym class. It's actually juss for the ones that aren't good at shootin hoops or aren't coordinated....
Michelle and the rest of the Speech Drama and Debate people in my class all play "geek ball." It's a blast!
by Midnitesun November 07, 2003
A very vicious game played in my gym class that's a mix between basketball, soccor, football, and evil preppy guys.
That poor preppy dude got his face smashed during speed ball today!!!!!!
by Midnitesun November 07, 2003