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i.e. feeling penguin
The desire to waddle around, flapping occasionally and sliding on your stomach. Multiple people feeling 'penguin' in the same area have the tendency to huddle.
Person 1: I'm feeling so penguin today
Person 2: Me too! Let's huddle!
by Midnight Storm October 24, 2012
A term used to describe a person or people from Holland. It is derived from the French Hollandaise sauce.
Person 1: What nationality is that insanely tall guy?
Person 2: oh he's Hollandaise.
Person 1: that makes sense, sounds better than Dutch.
by Midnight Storm October 29, 2012
noun - used to define someone exceptionally pleasing in sexual ways; a stripper
Did you hire a desjardelicious for the party tonight?

kid1: I went over to Luke's house last night. I didn't know he was a desjardelicious!
kid2: Man, I didn't either! I'm getting with him tonight!
by midnight storm November 10, 2008

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