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An expresssion of confusion of jamaican origin,referencing menstrual cycles,but commonly adapted to mean "what the hell?"
Man 1:Yo man i just got this fat sack of dat dank shit
opens bag
Man 2:What the blood clot mother fucker?Dat aint no dank dat shit be dirt man
by Midgeman March 13, 2009
Double meaning
1.When you cant see out of your eye due to too many ejaculations to the retinas
(757,VA slang)
2.What one says before throwing a weak punch to build up chi
1.Girl 1:Hey stacy
Stacy:Who said that is that you girl 1?I can see because i was out with my boyfriend and have received katarax.

2.Man 1 gets punched mega hard by man 2
Man 2 says hit me back to be fair.Man 1 replies "Katarax" and kncks man 2s ass out
by Midgeman March 03, 2009
Refers to the incredibly weak and lame TMP from Counter Strike.Invented by a man named Bob
Bob:Hey i did it! I invented a new gun
Lee:That looks like your wifes vibrator on the end of a Mac
Alex:Yeah that looks like a Dildo gun
Lee:Test it out then
Bob:Ok(points dildo gun at Alex.Fires)
Unloads clip on Alex
Alex:You suck,that didnt do shit
Bob:I know.......
by Midgeman March 17, 2009
Similar to chicken head
Its a female whos usually well known for being down to suck or give oral sex.
Man 1:Is that Brittany
Man 2:Yeah shes a total cluck head,thats nasty
Man 1:Yeahhh sooo
Man 2:Ill be right back
by Midgeman March 15, 2009

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