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An awesome awesome awesome band from Long Island, New York... also some good friends of mine.
I've seen Taking Back Sunday five times.
by Midge November 05, 2004
Comes from the aussie slang for "May as well". Use when lazy and/or aussie and/or drunk.
Midge: Yo, Anf, wanna go scout some poon down at local convenience store?

Anf: ......misewell.
by Midge May 13, 2004
The amount of or way you could check yourself, before you would in fact wreck yourself.
"You had better chigedy check yourself before you wreck yourself dude"
by Midge September 20, 2006
Common word for the female milk providers - breasts.
"Fuck, man, yesterday I almost got knocked out by this eagleby chicks jar jar's when she turned around."
by Midge March 30, 2004
a nick name for a snuggly hocky player under 5 feet tall
by midge March 09, 2003
Moon is a word that gay men use to describe the poon of the man world.
Midge: "Oi, anf look at that poon over there!"
Anf: "Yeh i'd like to get me some of that sweet poon"
Netty: "What about her boyfriend - what a piece of moon he is"
by Midge August 01, 2004
Student Liberation army of byfield. Or friends of simon panall and merrill lamont.
by Midge March 04, 2003
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