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v. - to throw a frosted dessert, usually cake, in the face of an unsuspecting person for no apparent reason.

Derives from the January 13, 2007 incident in which Los Angeles Lakers' power forward/center Kwame Brown allegedly threw a fan's chocolate birthday cake in his face for no reason when walking down the streets of Hermosa Beach, CA.

Now a popular prank amongst college students.
"That guy is covered in frosting; he just got kwame brown-ed hard."

"Mike just kwame brown-ed te shit out of Trip with that Key Lime Pie."
by Mid-Day May 18, 2007
a word that can carry any number of meanings. As versatile as
the F word, and as all-encompassing as the widget. Gonfalon can be an
active verb meaning to have sex with, a passive verb meaning to nap, a
noun meaning a crotchy old man, or an adjective meaning big or
important. The original meaning of gonfalon is "a poster or banner hung
from a wooden pole for use on display, such as used in Medieval Italy."
Therefore, perhaps the most appropriate usage of the word gonfalon is
when it describes throwing a wooden stake like a javelin, with the
intention of "gonfaloning" someone who causes you displeasure.
By the end of reunions, Ashley just wanted to gonfalon that old
gonfalon with a gonfalon and then go take a gonfalon
gonfalon back in Scully.
by Mid-Day June 07, 2007
a more offensive and effeminent form of canoodling, noodling often occurs in public and is usually undertaken by older men attempting to take advantage of younger girls. While the perpetrator may not in everday life be a noodle, he often assumes the persona of a noodle in carrying out his noodling.
I saw him noodling with that freshmen all over the dance floor last night.
by Mid-day January 15, 2007

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