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a word that can carry any number of meanings. As versatile as
the F word, and as all-encompassing as the widget. Gonfalon can be an
active verb meaning to have sex with, a passive verb meaning to nap, a
noun meaning a crotchy old man, or an adjective meaning big or
important. The original meaning of gonfalon is "a poster or banner hung
from a wooden pole for use on display, such as used in Medieval Italy."
Therefore, perhaps the most appropriate usage of the word gonfalon is
when it describes throwing a wooden stake like a javelin, with the
intention of "gonfaloning" someone who causes you displeasure.
By the end of reunions, Ashley just wanted to gonfalon that old
gonfalon with a gonfalon and then go take a gonfalon
gonfalon back in Scully.
by Mid-Day June 07, 2007
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