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Inserting one's index and middle fingers into a woman's vagina and the ring and pinky fingers in her anus. Similar to the shocker(two in the pink one in the stink).
Two for the live long, two for the prosper
After beating the nerd for his Star Trek costume, I was prepared to slip my prespective hoe the spocker.

Yo Mendon, you wrecked that skank with the spocker!
by Michael Scott February 15, 2006
Slang for "snort cocaine]."
"Yo mang grab the llello, it's time to go fuck the white bitch."

"Mendon was all shitty from fucking the white bitch all night long."
by Michael Scott February 06, 2006
Similar to the use of oh my God, as in a situation of great surprise. This is better suited for polytheists such as Hindu's, and for those who want to draw looks in public.
Oh my various Gods, I ran out of gas!
by Michael Scott February 16, 2006
A slang for marijuana used so as not to draw police attention.
"Yo mang where did you leave Nick Cage?"

"Hey Mendon we're all partying, come by with Nicholas Cage"

"Nick Cage is a great man"
by Michael Scott October 25, 2005
When a woman has surrendered her dignity to you, and you are able to penetrate any of her oraficies without having to buy her dinner.
See that over there, Mendon is in like Flynt with that bitch
by Michael Scott February 16, 2006
Common phrase uttered by those who fuck the white bitch too much. Used when a situation that is normally bad becomes good because you've had to much coke.
From Futurama: 80's Guy: "Package delivery?!? Oh my God... THAT'S FANTASTIC!"

My wedding ring fell down the drain! Oh my God... THAT'S FANTASTIC!"
by Michael Scott February 16, 2006

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