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Fans of the Disney cartoon show Gravity Falls.
"Nikki told you she has a crush on Dipper? OMG all of our friends are Fallers now!"
by Tom the Fanboy June 27, 2013
a person that falls in love with multiple people in a short amount of time but doesn't feel anything at all during the so called "relationships"
wow, Drew is such a Faller
by Homosuck_kurket September 30, 2015
someone who does something crazy and insanly stupid
Brad must be a faller to be riding a snowplow on the ice today, its 60 degrees out. thats wicked dangerous
by yourworstnightemare March 17, 2010
Any person who has achieved greatness in any extreme sport. One who has fallen a great number of times in the pursuit of greatness in an extreme sport. A fearless person. Someone who has gained wealth from their extreme sport.
Dude, he's a faller, he just don't give a fuck! Kobe's a baller but Tony Hawk is a Faller.
by Ty Branson July 14, 2011
Is a person usually from Minnesota. They love to ride through corn with their trucks and kill random animals that no one has ever heard in random ways. They are often annoyed by German or Spanish phrases, and are known to wear emo attire. They also are known to sit at the back desk in S-15.
My roommate is the perhaps the largest faller in the world. He doesn't even know what its like to be a real balla aka G.I. M-Dub
by Balla McBallster October 29, 2007
Fans of the Disney XD show "Gravity Falls" created by Alex Hirsch.
We are all fans of Gravity Falls, so we all are Fallers.
by Flossiebell July 29, 2016
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