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5 definitions by Metalazfuck

Someone who lives and dies for their music. They usually have long hair,wear band shirts, leather,denim and spikes. It does not matter which genre of metal they listen to, (whether it's black,death,thrash,or glam) as long they like it loud, and love getting wasted.
The metal heads stood in the parking lot outside of the Slayer concert hours before the show , drinking beer, headbanging, and blaring all of their albums.
by Metalazfuck October 25, 2010
Getting extremly drunk
Ah ya, me and Deaner are gonna get right rack ripped on Pilsner tonight!!
by Metalazfuck October 01, 2010
A word to describe douche bags, as well as a way to describe the noises they make.
Person 1:"That dude over there in the white truck listening to gansta rap is such a dirsh!"
Guy in white truck:turns up bass and shouts out window, "DIRSH!!!"
by Metalazfuck October 05, 2010
Mediocratey At it's Finest
that dudes so maify
by metalazfuck July 05, 2010
A long haired male who has many attractive features, but just isn't quite good looking.

Origin: Spokane,Washington
Ya,he's pretty maify.
by Metalazfuck June 20, 2010