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A Brazilian soccer player that is known for easily getting angry during matches and getting red cards, but is still a superb striker for whatever team he plays.

Edmundo played for Brazil in the 1998 World Cup, and currently plays for Palmeiras.
Edmundo, The Animal.
by Mengão October 15, 2006
23 11
An Edmundo is a mustache on the bottom lip. It's not a soul patch. It extends across the entire bottom lip, from one corner of the mouth to the other. (an opposite mustache if you will)
guy1: "Hey man, I think i'm going to grow a soul patch."

guy2: "No no man! Don't you know Edmundos are the new soul patch?"

guy1: "Oh yea? Thanks. I'll grow an Edmundo!"
by Rhett Tanner February 29, 2008
10 19