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An alternative to saying something is "stupid" or, more preferably, an alternative to saying something is "gay" or "retarded."
That test was so stale brownies!!
by Meghan December 08, 2004
something that you purchase but never ever use.
why did i let you buy that ridiculous shirt? it sure turned out to be a pair of wrestling boots.
by megHan May 29, 2004
The area code for Southern Alberta, Canada. Major city in this area is Calgary. Often used as slang when asked where one comes from.
Person: Hey man, what do you represent?
South-Albertan: 403, baby!!
by Meghan August 25, 2003
When a man comes into the club to look for his girl.
Derived from Martin's standup You so Crazy.
by meghan August 20, 2003
a puerto rican.

someone who is in america but still waves around their little puerto rican flags.
Damn porkins all stand in the middle of the hallway.
by meghan March 12, 2004
verb: to become so exhausted or intoxicated that you fall asleep in the middle of a social event. There is a certain connotation of defeat; to cake is to fail to keep up with the mind and body punishing schedules of your peers. A shortening of the phrase driving the Hostess Twinkie truck, which has the same meaning.
1. "Guys, I gotta go home, I'm about to cake."
2. "Oh, Eric's caked over there on the couch."
by Meghan January 29, 2004
Similar to lamo, this one stands for "Laugh As Mom Freakishly Rocks Out." It can, however, be used in any circumstances other than your mom (or my mom) freakishly rocking out.
"Frizzy hair will someday rule the world."

by Meghan December 08, 2004
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