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The best the web has to offer! Lots of great people, great conversation, and we have women too!
If you don't think BlizzForums rocks, you need a brain transplant.
by Meghan April 30, 2004
First of all, I am only posting this in response to "parkie4life"'s: "The best fucking place to live in the world.Hey dont hate us cuz your poor trailor park trash! I love the Park bitches!" Parkie, dear, "Hey" should have a comma after it, your "dont" needs an apostrophe, "cuz" is spelled "cause"...or (gasp) more properly "because", and your "your" should be spelled "you're". If trailor park trash was to even be mentioned in this definition, it would be to state that you seem to have the grammar of MD's trashiest. If you want to make the park look good (which is hard considering the people are stuck up assholes, and it really isn't that great), try using the grammar you should've learned in sixth grade.
"The best fucking (ah, the common use of fuck -one of MD's trashiest habits)place to live in the world. Hey don't hate us because you're poor trailor park trash! I love the Park bitches!"
by Meghan April 02, 2005
Someone who likes pink and calls people homos for the very fact that she thinks the words funny.
"Luke, your a homo"- Charna
by Meghan January 10, 2005
Stands for "Laugh As My Overly-cooked-spinach-boils." Similar to Lamfro
LAMO. Wait, what was funny?
by Meghan December 08, 2004
Pre-cum. Pre-ejaculatory seminal fluid.
"You can still get pregnant before I pull out. I still got lotsa prum."
by meghan February 12, 2004
1. (verb) To constantly 'brown-nosing', or kissing the ass of another to the point of annoyance.

2. (noun) Someone who constantly brown-noses or kisses the ass of another to the point of annoyance

2. (adj) A derogatory slang term for a homosexual.
1. I wish he'd quit buttpirating me. He's so not going to get the promotion.

2. He's such a buttpirate. That's half the reason I wont' share the money with him.

3. What a buttpirate. I hope he doesn't make any moves on any guys in front of me.
by Meghan January 05, 2004
a female eater outer
caitlin u are a dooche bag!!!!
by Meghan June 15, 2004
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