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96 definitions by Meg

A bunch of hillbillies who's parents are too cheap to let them play sports.
"Did you hear how pickerington actually played last week?"
by Meg March 11, 2005
1/2 of the rap duo Insane Clown Posse. as of 2003, he has red and brown dreadlocks and had exactly 14 tattoos. he also has 3 children, (2 of his kids' names are tattooed on his stomach)

did i mention he was HOT?!
shaggy 2 dope is dope, yo!
by meg August 13, 2003
the blond elvin "man" that travels with short people and is the craving of many young females
by Meg March 31, 2003
a male penis
hey bitch get on the floor and i'll beat you with my frumpy
by meg January 10, 2004
A person who thinks that one gender is better or superior than the other. Often mistaken for feminism.
Many male cartoon characters are sexists assholes
by meg February 19, 2005
An album by Green day
dude i just listened to the shinanigans album by greenday
by meg March 05, 2005
the source of marching band. they kill those huge horse flies that land on you with their drumsitcks at band camp (thanks guys!)
watch the movie Drumline you'll understand
by Meg December 09, 2003