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When a place / business (eg. bar or salon or clothing store) gets too full of themselves and think they are cooler than they actually are
Mick: Lets go to that little boutique to check out the clothes?
Anna: Ewwww no... look at the ppl in there - they way to Over-swish!!
by Meekalogical January 20, 2009
Of the many different options of revenge, the precise choosing of the correct form according to the indiscretion.
Shania: You know Crystal caught Josh cheating last night, don’t you? Well she decided to hack into his email account and email all his work colleagues that he is a cheating scumbag.
Stacey: Nice Revenge-move.

Roch: You know Crystal caught Josh cheating last night, don’t you? Well she decided to cut out the crotch of all his clothes and throw them on the front lawn.
Stacey: Nice Revenge-move.
by Meekalogical January 20, 2009
Expressing ones frustrations through nonsensical keyboard mashing,
preferably through an email to an understanding friend
Adam: Muuurhapdjedhv KILLLLEELSNNVJ DJ!!!!!!!!!!!

Robyn: Ummmm ok.

Adam: Damn tax office, I just needed to Ventboard.
by Meekalogical July 08, 2009
A hairy beer gut
Hayley: Check out Kyle and Chris furbattle wrestling with confetti stuck to their nipples
Anna: Yeah, Chris has a hot Beardgut
Hayley: Kyle's is hotter!
Anna: Yeah whatever!
by Meekalogical February 03, 2009
A particularly bogan comment from an Australian.
Bazza: Babe where's me pluggers? *said affectionately whilst pulling stubbies over plumbers crack*

Shazza: That's what i love about you babe you're oz-as!
by Meekalogical January 19, 2009
when some one says something utterly random and kind of stupid but you have a giggle anyway.
Adam,"hey look my excel sum=41!"
Anna,"LOLZ! Oh the Randominity!'
by Meekalogical September 16, 2008
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