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1. the ventilating fan in the restroom that you turn on while you poop.
"make sure to turn on the fart fan when you're in there!"
by Christopher Garza February 04, 2005
52 17
1. The proper name of the bathroom exhaust fan. It's purpose is allow moisture and smells to vent, prohibiting mildew growth, and nauseous guests.
Kevin: Becca, there is no fart fan downstairs, you have to use the bathroom upstairs if you need to take a dump.

Becca: I'm good, thanks.
by zombiedater January 18, 2010
13 2
A practical joke in which the trickster places a fan, typically oscillating, near the person to be tricked. The trickster then walks by and farts into the fan thus blowing a not so fresh breeze of ass stink all over the victim.

When your mother comes over we'll have to give her a fart fan.
by Clint Warren May 26, 2007
9 16