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A comic or artbook that is based upon either original or existing storylines and plots. hentai doujinshi is popular among japanese audiences for the fact it contains nudity and sex of their favourite video games/cartoon characters often drawn by amateurs.
Did you see that sailor moon doujinshi where she undressed in front of that bear? Neeeeeeeat.
by Mechacrazie2k July 19, 2005
The Shoe Channel. All Shoes, all the time. See Sesame Street.
Elmo: "Lets look what's on TV!"
TV: "The Shoe Channel! All Shoes, all the time."
by Mechacrazie2k July 19, 2005
A parasitic life-form that obtains a new host body by destroying the original and creating a copy.
An X Parasite samples DNA data from previous hosts and can then change it's shape accordingly. X Parasites have been known to copy the actions of the hosts so perfectly that often there are X Parasites walking in the streets of you local city and nobody even realises it.
The X Parasite, if threatened, will destroy a life-form and steal it's DNA.
Proceed with caution, it is expected that the X Parasites have infected the area.
by Mechacrazie2k July 21, 2005
Alternate spelling for following phrase: sailor moon
Burty: Did you see Sailor-Moon on TV?
Graham: I saw "Sailor Moon". Idiot, can't you spell?"
Burty: Razamataz!
by Mechacrazie2k July 19, 2005
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