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The definition above is WRONG: a fornicator is someone who has sex outside of marriage.

If you are having sex with someone who isn't your husband/wife then you are a fornicator

Fornication has damaged society in many different ways, but most people are too spiritually blind to see it!
All of my peers are fornicators. They have rejected God and seek pleasure rather than God!
by MeMyselfAndI July 07, 2004
Chrisdrawals- when you don't see Chris Lawrence for a weekend- you'd get Chrisdrawals.
I agree!! I'm having a Chrisdrawals!
by MeMyselfandI May 29, 2012
She seems shy which is a facade. She is sarcastic, crazy, and funny.


And very smart.

She believes in true love. She wishes gifts only for everybody else.

She's very insecure and has a low-self esteem, but she hides it. She is very mature and cares deeply about everyone.


She is the person you come to with all your problems. She is your best friend. sister, and mother all rolled into one. She NEVER outs herself first; she never wants to hurt anybody.
"Hey. What's wrong?"
"Nothing, Hajja?"
"You can't lie to me. Tell me."
"Okay, Well........"
by MeMySelfAndI February 28, 2013
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