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Brand New's second album.
Did you pick up the latest copy of 'Deja Entendu'?.
by meli February 20, 2004
a guy of any age really.. that listens to music that a lot of people can relate to. not every emo kid slits his wrist and or cries over their ex girlfriend. half the emo type guys i know wouldn't even give a fuck. mainly its about the music. he tends to take very well care of him self.. dresses in clothes thats fits him tightly.. which in my view is sexy. some are very articulate and have very strong meaning behind the things they say, write in lyrics and write in their poetry. im not emo myself.. i dun label my self ;] but i think everyone should just get over the whole stereotype thing.. its kind of been done with.
"if you're shrewd enough to be underlined, then you are there."
by MeLi September 22, 2004
A small international group for men named David Goncalves.
White American David Goncalves is cute, but I masturbate to black German David Goncalves
by Meli February 04, 2004
used to discribe something thought as being cool.
Man that video game is the freaken shizznas!!!
by Meli June 15, 2004
A mixture between a skank and a hooch.
Britany spears is a Scooch
by Meli February 01, 2004
{tip drill}
meaning: exotic dancer
so when your in a night club and the song comes on dont do what it says on point "em" out bcuz they rnt there!
A girl in a strip joint that dances on the bar in almost nothing
by meli March 03, 2005

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