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a wicked skate brand that has some cool pictures as decks. there only a minor brand but still need to be recognised
what deck do you have if its not alien workshop your missing out
by Mc Degreez August 22, 2006
a small car used for cruising in the sand dunes. it is a small lightweight car perfect for burnouts and rally racing. very good fuel consumption aswell
yeah little blue dune buggy in the sand
by Mc Degreez August 22, 2006
is to grind a skateboard on the grip side (the dark side) of the skate board. This trick is very hard and can only be performed by pro's
wow he actually did a dark slide
by Mc Degreez August 22, 2006
a herb that you can grow in the backyard. its a good garnish, tastes ok and smells nice. you can buy it at your local nursery for a cheap price.
parsley is used in pasta
by Mc Degreez August 23, 2006

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