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A next generation Japanese p2p client that is claimed to be the successor to Share. The hottest thing to sweep 2ch since Winny!
Did you hear about perfect dark? I finally have a reason to stop using Winny v2.0b7.1.
by MaXim June 23, 2007
An instance of cybersex acted out in the Search Spy of DC++. Amazingly kinky.
Search String |Count |
MaXim's Mother |9 |
MAXIM - A/S/L? CyberPLZ |1 |
omfg 6/f/cali |1 |
by MaXim December 09, 2004
One of Half Aboriginal and Half Indian origin.
Hi Will, are you an Aboindian?
by MaXim October 08, 2004
My lover. <333333333333333333
* %^ brands chibi-py: MAXIM'S LOVER
by MaXim February 17, 2005
Dating more than 3 girls at one time.
Patrick Plays the game and is winning
by MaxiM October 19, 2003
Insanely overrated browser that scriptkiddies use to show off their leetness.
omgz i uesz firefox and it pwnz all u noobs r gunna get viruses wit ie
by MaXim November 16, 2005
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