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An individual who's personality is the perfect combination a Tool and a Douche Bag.

Another explanation is a moron who thinks that they are god's gift to the world.
dude 1: Check out that tool Chuck over there, now that's he's watched karate kid six times he thinks he can punch through a brick wall. What a douche bag.

dude 2: Chuck truly is a Tool Bag.
by Max86 September 13, 2012
Nachos prepared by a biznatch.
Dude1: Damn these are good nachos, u made them?

Dude2: mah biznatch sister made them

Dude1: nice, got any cheez for these biznatchos?
by Max86 April 22, 2010
A French douchebag.

Similar to deutchbag being a German one.
Marc: Hey check out that looser Jaques, thinks he can speak English now just because he's watched all the rocky movies.

Rick: It's true, Jaques is a real Sac a Douche
by Max86 September 14, 2012
As the modern form of an ancient torture, death by 1000 meetings is defined as the annihilation of a project, action or ultimately a person due to time wasted in having to attend a seemingly infinite amount of non-productive meetings.

This is in direct correlation to the mathematical theory which states WORK = 1 / MEETINGS, as the amount of meetings increases, the amount of tangible work gets divided to oblivion.
Bob: What happened to the billion dollar R&D project that Joe was working on?
Mary: Death by 1000 meetings

Rick: Hey I thought you were working on that perpetual motion machine, why hasn't anything progressed in the last 3 years?
Jason: Death by 1000 meetings

Mark: Did you hear about the case of fiscal insolvency of a city over in California?
Ann: Sure did, yet another case of death by 1000 meetings!
by Max86 February 10, 2014
When a tree hugger gets ebola, this becomes imminent.
Mark: Yo Rick, you heard Jimmy the picker got ebola?
Rick: Dammit, so now that treehugger's gonna treebola my whole apple orchard
by Max86 October 16, 2014
One who lines themselves up to receive credit, or makes sure that every ounce of credit for their actions is well recognized and possibly even documented. #creditmonger
Milton: I swear all these people who make movies are credit mongers
Peter: I hear you, not like you see my name appearing on the credits of the 500 TPS reports that I've proof-read!
by Max86 November 03, 2014
I Fart In Your General Direction
French Soldier: I don't want to talk to you no more, you empty-headed animal food trough wiper! I fart in your general direction (IFIYGD)! Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!
by Max86 March 31, 2015

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